Chinese Media hijack Top Gun footage

So a clip was recently put out by CCTV, the government controlled TV station, which showed training sequences of the Chinese J-10 fighter jet. ¬†Some savvy viewers and bloggers noticed that an explosion that happens at the end of the video looked veeeeeeery similar to a scene from “Top Gun”.

Make your own conclusion, here’s the video:

From my Chinese contacts, CCTV is highly influenced by the government and it doesn’t surprise them that this could happen. Afterwards, the actual clip was removed from its website but several copies have made it to other Chinese video sites. This is the same news

Creatures fighting in Beijing! Oh noes!

station that accidentally burned down its own building with illegal fireworks and tried to cover it up (which turned into an epic fail with several awesome photoshops of the incident.) It is also commonly know by the internet denizens of China as “CCAV” (Central Chinese Adult Video, because of its filthy content).

Although this “mistake” was no accident, there have been several other reports from other media outlets in China that caused complete unintentional lulz. Either by using Homer Simpson’s X-rayed head for a medical article or accidentally taking the Onion news to actually be America’s finest news source, laughs were had by all.

As always, feel free to comment and I’d love to hear another Chinese opinion on the matter.


Original article in Chinese: