Review: Radiohead’s King of Limbs

I downloaded this album about two weeks ago and so I have had a bit of time to listen to it over and over, mulling over its intricate lyrics and how it will relate to my view of the world… Well, not so much the last part, but I have had a bit of time to listen. Call me crazy, call me an ignorant, passive listener for glossing over the lyrics, but I feel like for many of Radiohead’s lyrics, I can’t get into them or understand the message. However, that’s not to say that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy the album.

As every snowflake is a bit different, every Radiohead album has a bit of a different feel for me and this one was no diferent. It’s hard to describe, so I’ll use a diagram:

Radiohead Albums based on Experimental design and how you will be perceived by huge Radiohead fans (hipsters) if you say it's your favourite album

Also note: hardcore Radiohead fans usually enjoy the more experimental side of their albums, but you will come across many that are in the middle. Personally, I would say Hail to the Thief is probably my favourite. So with that context, I can say that I really enjoyed King of Limbs.

Although it isn’t their best effort, it is a solid record and will find a good home betwixt the circuits on my iPod. Lotus Flower is probably my favourite track on the album. The bass line with the solid drum beat in the background with the guitars flitting in and out really sets the mood and Thom’s toned-down voice just.. fits. It reminded me a bit of “All I need”, from In Rainbows, with the same sort of feel to it. “Codex” and  “Give up the Ghost” are all good, solid tracks as well, with a slower, mellower tone compared with “Morning Mr. Magpie” and “Little by Little”, which are the faster-paced and the ‘rockier’ tracks on the album. “Seperator” is a decent track, but didn’t really catch my ear too much. As well, I find every time I listen to parts of this album, I skip over “Bloom”. Starts out a bit like some of my favourite electronic music with the piano bit and the ensuing guitar/synth that comes in, but lacks a real hook for me. Oh well, at first I didn’t like “Spinning Plates” from the Amnesiac album, and it soon grew on me.

Overall, a good album compared to what else is popping up out there, with a chill feel save for a few songs. I’d give it…


ALSO, epic way of getting it out there. Announce it’s going to be released a week later, then release it the day before. I’m impressed. As with In Rainbows, they sometimes create more news with how they release the music than with the music itself.


One Comment on “Review: Radiohead’s King of Limbs”

  1. rabbitxin says:

    Interesting diagram~ will try this album after working ~.~

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